Community Development

Community Development – RCDC’s focus is on revitalization with a holistic and asset-based community development approach. Through commercial, real estate, small business development, and micro-enterprise expansion RCDC strives to serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of Canyon Corridors Central-West Phoenix community. Rehoboth Community Development Corporation partners with community residents, local business owners, and other stakeholders to improve strategies that will increase collaborative relationships, resulting in healthier and more resilient communities.

  • Community for All Ages  (CFAA)  - cultivating strong communities of care between residents across all ages and ethnic groups to become more integrated and rooted within the Canyon Corridor; the Canyon Corridor CFAA Teams primary goal is reweaving the fabric of the Canyon Corridor Community to become more socially and economically vibrant. RCDC’s primary contribution is to be the catalyst that convenes residents and stakeholders in order to ensure that success is achieved; and, by providing technical assistance, guidance and support.
  • GARDEN (Generating Achievement in Resiliency with Deliberation, Exercise & Nutrition) – a peer run network of community volunteers encouraging and motivating a community to invest in sustainable resiliency through healthy living.   These volunteers are responsible for identifying, coordinating and facilitating the activities of a group of community residents to encourage healthy lifestyles. This work is done by surveying individual community residents to assess their strengths and interests. Community members are ‘matched’ based on common interests and skills, thereby empowering community members to build on their current strengths resulting in a sustainable healthier community.
  • HEAL ( Healthy Eating and Active Living) / Maryvale on The Move  – partnering with St. Luke’s Health Initiatives, AZ Community Foundation, Arizona State University Stardust Center, Golden Gate Community Center, and Amigos Center to deliver systemic changes in environment and policy.  MTM actively works with community members to support and provide technical assistance in life-long changes that:

  •  Incorporate exercise and fitness into daily lives
  • Make culturally relevant healthy food choices
  •  Maricopa Workforce Connections Access Point – partnering with MWC to provide access to job search, career development and planning, assessments, workshops, use of office equipment for job searching, networking, goal setting, seminars, job clubs, and emotional support.

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